Advantages for Hardwood Flooring:

For one, with hardwood flooring, cleaning is easier and the surface has a longer lifespan. Additionally, health conscious residents favor wood floors because they generally harbor far fewer harmful microorganisms — hardwood surfacing contributes to the “GREEN ENERGY” cause for environmental protection, and help residents to breathe fresher air while indoors.Next, wooden floors receive special attention from those who care about issues such as the preservation of architectural heritage. Flooring and other structures within historic homes often display unique elements of style that also
tell stories about national culture.The benefits of choosing hardwood flooring over carpet are almost endless. For instance, here is one more special advantage.Studies from the American Psychological institute support the fact that human beings become uniquely mesmerized by the awesome sight and natural appearance of clean, bright, and well finished hardwood flooring.Last but not least, for people who are very frugal, practical, and economy conscious, the fact remains that hardwood floors easily represent long-term sustainability, plus provide a flooring source that comes from renewable, natural materials.

Perks for Carpeted Flooring:

One of the obviously greater perks of carpeted flooring is its “human” feel. Put simply, people just love the “way” in which carpeted floor surfaces “react” to the human touch.With proper care, carpet can remain softer and can provide an actual cushion for people who fall or tumble. Another advantage is SOUND quality.That is, carpet provides a greater sound barrier that keeps noise levels at their lowest possible volume. In this way, carpeted areas may also provide more fruitful and productive study in living rooms, dens, and basement areas.Regarding cost to install, carpet is approximately half the price of wood flooring installation. Carpeted floors can be quieter and warmer too, than wooden floors.Although some individuals make the case for carpet in terms of cleanliness (since carpet tends to HIDE dirt), others make mention of the fact that such debris tends to filter back into the surrounding air, unless thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Thus, the above fact may NOT be an advantage for carpeted floor coverings.

The bottom line is that hardwood flooring offers numerous advantages, some of which remain as simple as the following. For instance, with a wooden floor, you can almost ALWAYS “add” a small carpet or carpeted area.However, when you already have carpeting installed, the addition of wooded trim or full hardwood surfacing becomes a far more complicated option.Hardwood floors win out because you can clearly spot crumbs, debris, pet hair, spills, etc., for easy and quick cleanup. Additionally, an examination of current trends shows that there exists a general return to the look and feel of hardwood flooring.
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