Really Know How To Refinish A Hardwood Floor?

When you truly research the topic of how to refinish a hardwood floor, you will surely encounter the following FIVE major suggestions:

1. Don’t expect to get it done FAST!

For instance, you will also need to prepare, sand, plus stain and then “cover” the floor with its final coating material surface.

2. Consider weather conditions, and the actual TIME of year.

Along with this consideration, there may also exist additional issues, such as the OTHER projects which might coexist with the floor finishing task within your residence. Think about the “downtime” you will encounter while waiting for floors to dry again for ideal walking conditions. Think about a proper ventilation system, and even the coverings required for recently repaired or wet hardwood floor refinishing surfaces, along with the types of covers need to protect your home furniture, drapery, or nearby electrical appliances.

3. Familiarize yourself with, plus actually obtain the items which make the task easier and more efficiently executed.

Essentially, this tip talks about TOOLS of the trade, and will include handy items such as utility knives, prying bars, power sanders, pliers, plastic sheeting materials, painting tapes, nail sets, high-grade vacuum cleaners, hammers, floor buffers, flexible and/or stiff wide-blade putty knives, flat-head screwdrivers, edge sanders, and even box fans.

4. Study in advance, to avoid costly mistakes, and essentially always use complete caution.

Surely, a homeowner can typically save approximately 50% with do-it-yourself approaches on how-to-refinish-a-hardwood-floor. However, even the very slightest mistakes toward hardwood floor refinishing can become unforgiving, and show up in that floor’s appearance for years to come. One of the biggest homeowner mistakes is “over-aggressiveness.” This particularly has to do with the “coarseness” or amount of “muscle” applied while refinishing the hardwood floor. Handling wood surfaces, regardless of how durable they may appear, remains an extremely “smooth” piece of task work. It requires numerous plus intentionally repeated strokes, and all applied with equal precision. In this regard, trial-and-error approaches toward hardwood floor refinishing remain unwarranted.

5. Remember that the secrets of how to refinish a hardwood floor retain their mastery from seasoned and artistic craftspersons.The reality remains that it is far too easy to unintentionally place unwanted dents and grooves into hardwood flooring surfaces during refinishing task project work.Undoing these mistakes alone places an extremely high cost upon that floor refinishing goal. A professional will know in advance, even whether your floor actually REQUIRES refinishing. And, at the very least, be willing to consult an expert opinion as to the type of footwear which facilitates hardwood floor refinishing work, as well as which spot tests to conduct before beginning the work.After perusing plus utilizing basically all of the above precautions and suggestions, actually performing the “how to refinish a hardwood floor” task will seem relatively straightforward. Additionally, almost every Google top-rated site online can deliver outstanding info on hardwood floor refinishing. Last and far from least, the staff at Jimmy’s hardwood flooring remains ready and willing to assist you with consultation and/or actual hardwood floor refinishing task work.

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